• Tristien M Winfree


I wish I lived in a world where I could say that racism and prejudice were only distant memories or didn’t exist, but it’s hard when our names becomes a hashtag, marching in the streets, constantly in the news. We are shouting BLACK LIVES MATTER and we are TIRED! As I look around.. I see that my brothers and sisters have lost hope in equality. Is This The American Dream? How come you don’t see US? We laid out on the streets for what? You can change your perceptions by coming to the hood and showing you face every once in a while. Is that high rise that you live in too high? Because everything that appears on the block is now erased? If I look at you. You look the other way. It’s wack as hell when you sit in silence. Does this ungodly behavior make you feel good? Because you’ve been way to deceitful carrying on in the world this way. -T

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